Six Steps to a Winning Mentality

"Golf is a game that is played on a 5 inch course - the distance between your ears."
Source: Bobby Jones
"Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character."
Source: Arnold Palmer

There are many other famous quotes from legendary golfers that emphasise the importance of getting your mental approach to golf just right. So, if you're serious about improving your game, perhaps it's time you checked out our "Six Steps to a Winning Mentality" golf training course?

Here's food for thought:


Wow - that's just crazy, right?!
Crazy but true - and armed with this knowledge, it's amazing how you can improve your real game simply by following our six simple brain training exercises!

About This Course

Follow six simple steps to take a winner’s mentality onto the golf course and significantly improve your performance.

In this interactive and user-friendly online course each step is clearly explained in plain English and the ideas brought to life by innovative mental exercises.

Of all the sports golf puts the greatest demands on thinking skills. Putting this golf lesson into practice is guaranteed to help you play golf’s brain game more successfully.

You will think constructively, both on and off the course, and that will lead to lower scoring.

Our online course will provide you with self-assessment tools and techniques to allow you to see how much you have understood and how to take steps to reinforce your learning.

Your can buy access to 'A Winning Mentality' for just $9.99!

YES just $9.99 until the end of 2014!

Arnold Palmer was a swashbuckling, charismatic American golfer who won seven major titles in competition with other golfing icons such as Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player. Perhaps the first real superstar of the sport, and still much-loved.

"Success in this game depends less on strength of body than strength of mind and character."

Having a winning mentality is as crucial, if not more so, than other parts of the game.

Thinking About... Your Thinking Habits!

Do you suffer from any of these?

  • First tee nerves
  • Lack of belief in yourself
  • Slumps in form and confidence
  • Regularly recurring problems on the course
  • Doubts, fears, and anxiety
  • Worrying about what others think
  • Better on the practice ground than the course
  • Worried unduly about hazards such as the bunkers and trees

If so then you are not alone. Many golfers will experience some of the above, some of the time.

It is possible that these kind of issues might be technical but it is more likely to be down to your thinking habits.

It was the legendary golfer, Bobby Jones who said that ‘golf is a game that is played on a five-inch course - the distance between your ears’ and most golfers will concur that what happens ‘between the ears’ is the most influential factor in their performance.

Certainly to play golf to a good standard demands mental strength as well as a strong technique and astute course management because, of all the sports, golf is most likely to play tricks with the mind.

That is partly because in the course of an eighteen hole, four hour round of golf you will only actually swing the club for around three minutes. Between those swings there is ample time for self doubt to gnaw away at the nerve ends; to overanalyze and fret; to become frustrated, discouraged or angry.

In sports like tennis and football the participants become absorbed in the action, performing instinctively. But when you settle into your stance there are no moving parts to react to. There’s just a stationary, often disobedient, little white ball, waiting to be released towards the target.

These features of the ‘brain game’ present both a challenge and an opportunity – because if you can develop your mental strength and a true winners’ mentality then you will undoubtedly play closer to your potential and improve your scoring.

Professionals are acutely aware of this which is why most consult experts to help them think constructively rather than destructively. However most amateurs are more reluctant. This is a mistake because if you want better control over your golf game you must first learn to better control your thinking.

Features of a Winning Mentality


Zone in on your targets: only 3% of adults have clear goals. Golfers are no different. In this course we’ll look at the benefits of having goals and the way to go about creating them.


Practise in your head: there are many ways to learn and improve. In this course we’ll look at one that is often overlooked but can be influential. Best of all you can do it with your eyes shut, in bed or the bath.


Focus only on success: you’ll understand why your brain can only help you if you think in this way.


What sort of golfer are you? Your answer provides a real insight into what you think you are capable of - and, as we’ll explore, that perception is important in influencing the results that you achieve whilst playing.


Smuggle your practice ground game onto the course. The vast majority of golfers hit better shots on the practice ground than on the course. We’ll investigate why and how you can smuggle your practice ground game onto the golf course itself.


Aim for intensity and control: in all sports confidence and a cool temperament is key. It is almost impossible to perform well without them. In the online course we’ll look at ways to keep your confidence and mindset more constant.

About The Author

John Carter is a freelance training and development specialist and sportswriter who has three sports books published to his name, including ‘Play the Masters’ published by Queen Anne Press: this golfing adventure book allows the reader to play the last nine holes at Augusta against such opponents as Faldo, Norman and Ballesteros.

John was a keen sportsman in his youth, and has subsequently written about horse racing, cricket, football, golf and basketball, both in England and the USA. One of his books ‘Newmarket: A Year at the Home of Horseracing’ was the Independent’s Book of the Week. John has also published ‘The History of Horse Racing – First Past the Post’. He has had numerous articles published in newspapers and magazines in both the UK and USA.

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So, would you like to follow our "Six Steps to a Winning Mentality"?

Your can buy access to 'A Winning Mentality' for just $9.99!

YES just $9.99 until the end of 2014!

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